Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Welding Head Problem: The protective gas is normal, but the laser cannot be output

Mar 10, 2022

In the welding state, after pulling the trigger, the air is sent to the wire, and the red light is normally visible, but the laser cannot be emitted

Cause analysis:

Logically, when the gas is out, the outgoing signal will also be sent out. When the laser does not receive the outgoing signal (port failure) or the laser has a problem


(1) First exclude the presence of an alarm in the laser itself

(2) Where it involves normal after shutdown and restart, most of them may be resettable alarms of the laser itself, it is recommended to contact the laser manufacturer or monitor the internal alarm

(3) For whether the laser has received a trigger signal, two schemes to test

The simplest thing is to link the laser's monitoring software to see which signal is missing. In addition, the signal port of the signal interface three can be measured Typically, the laser emits light only when it receives an enable/PWM/analog signal, so we can measure whether the signal is emitted in the operating state

(Please be sure to measure each port of signal interface 3 and unplug the laser wire in working condition when air output)
Enable signal: 2/4 pin output 24V voltage;
PWM modulation demodulation signal: 6/7 pin   Output voltage 24V;
Analog signal: 4/5 pin equal proportional voltage, 10V at full power;
If the above signal is normal and still does not emit light, contact the laser manufacturer to deal with it;
If one of the enable/PWM has no voltage, it can be used together, such as PWM connecting the enable signal pin;
If there is no voltage in the analog quantity and the red light is a line, return to the factory to repair or replace the motherboard;
If there is no voltage in the analog, and the red light is a point, check whether the 15V switching power supply ± is reversed.

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