Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Treatment of welding joint problems: Intermittent clearance

Mar 24, 2022


In the welding state, the clearance is intermittent, and the wire feeding / air outlet is intermittent.

Cause analysis:

Loss of trigger button signal or safety lock signal


According to its operation logic, only when [laser trigger signal] and [safety lock signal] are valid, the light will come out (the laser state is normal), and there is no alarm on the home page.

When the light is intermittent, check the above two signals through the monitoring page, which will disappear. For the disappeared signals, do the next step of monitoring.

If both signals are present

① Safety lock signal disappears

Clamp the safety lock clip directly on the scale tube to see if it is normal. If it is normal, it may be due to the plate. Some plates such as rust or oil stain will lead to poor contact.

② Trigger button signal disappears

Try to press and hold the trigger button hard. If the signal flashes, there may be poor contact of the trigger button. Replace the trigger button (new and old models are not common).

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